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Caroline G. Perfect C Testimonial


I would totally recommend perfect C herbal tablets to increase size and firmness of your breasts as an alternative to surgery without a doubt. After my most recent 3rd child and now turning 40 I was left feeling like my breasts had no life left in them until I started taking these tablets. After about the 2nd week I felt a tingling sensation in my chest and also my lips.

I drank lots of water and herbal teas and by month 4 was up to almost a cup size larger (back to my Pre baby size) from 34B to 34C. I took them for 9 months also noticing amazing hair growth enabling me to grow my hair longer than I ever have before. Also my lips are a little fuller too and also my nails grew and a problem split nail healed within those 9 months..

But then i had a bit of a break and in that time I unintentionally lost weight and bust size, so I am back on them and already back to a perfect C yet again only after 5 months. They have given me the confidence back I so needed and feel me again.

Caroline G.

Sarah M. Perfect C Testimonial

I have taken Perfect C for 3 months now and I’m loving them. I take 3 a day and drink lots of water. They’ve made my breasts feel heavier, rounder, fuller and more lifted.

I went from not filling a C cup to over filling it, I feel much happier with them. Also more sensitive and responsive. I’m looking forward to taking the capsules for a further 3 months to see what happens.

Thoroughly recommend the Perfect C.

Sarah M.

S. Mortimer Perfect C Testimonial

I just wanted to say I love your product and wish i had known about your product and I hadn’t gone under the knife 15yrs ago to have breast implants.

2yrs ago after falling ill with Bii Breast Implant Illness I had them removed which left me with less than I had before implants which was I 32 A I was completely flat and almost all my breast tissue gone, I was devastated and one a day I came across your product and decided to give it a go and I’m so pleased I did. I’ve been taking a year now and can say I now have breasts. I’m 32B :-)))))) thank you so much.

The one with the bikini was August 2019 and the ones with the black bra are February 2020 and the white are today both black and white bras are the same size notice how I fill it out more and fits better 😃 😃

S. Mortimer.

Yasmin B Perfect C Testimonial

I have now completed my first 3 month course of Perfect C and can definitely say I am seeing and feeling results. I am 27 and have struggled with up and down weight issues for about 5 years now which led to me losing my 32c cup size and dropping to an A cup which knocked my confidence right down.

Having a fast metabolism made gaining weight near to impossible for me so I would spend a lot of time online trying to find supplements or pills that could help enhance my breasts and help me achieve the desired weight gain.

After a year of trying out different supplements and tablets I decided to join a gym with the hope to gain muscle in areas I wanted to be bigger but still knew it wouldn’t make a difference to the size of my breasts.

I went online and came across the PerfectC, after reading all the positive reviews and seeing the photos of women on their successful journeys, I had to have them!! I ordered a 3 month supply straight away, waited 5 days for them and started the day they arrived!

By the second bottle I could definitely feel they were getting firmer but wasn’t drinking as much water as I should, so I upped my water intake but still only to just over a litre a day.

The results have been slower for me because I am a smoker and have read that it would take a lot longer to work for me because of this but regardless of the few cigarettes at work, I can honestly say they are working, they’re firmer, fuller and look a lot better in a bra. I can’t wait for the next supply to arrive so I can start my 4th month and continue my journey, This time drinking 2 litres of water a day!

Just imagine the results if I didn’t smoke 🙂

Yasmin B.

Anna Perfect C Testimonial

Anna over a 4-month period

I am more than satisfied and pleased I took the photos. You don’t realise when you see yourself on a daily
basis, just how much of an improvement taking the tablets have made.

Anna Parkin ( ex DHL Field Executive )

Mrs Jiang Perfect C Testimonial

My bustline increased by 4cm and I can feel the firmness these days.

During the first month of taking Perfect C, I noticed my sleep quality improved. In the second month, I can feel the firmness and have to switch from B-cup to C-cup bra to adjust for the growing bust line. That feeling brings me back to teenage when my bust first develops. Now I feel more confident in wearing low-collared and fashioned clothes.

Mrs Jiang, Age 35, Hong Kong

Kate Perfect C Testimonial

I have just finished a 3 month course of Perfect C and am absolutely thrilled with the results. I have gone from a 32A to a 32C and couldn’t be happier! I have always had to depend on padded bras but now I am confident enough to throw these away. After a month I began to notice a difference, and by 2 months I had gone up a whole cup size. Now everyone can’t stop staring and one friend who I hadn’t seen for a while even asked if I had had a boob job! I really can’t


Carla Perfect C Testimonial

BEFORE Picture taken Oct 2007 before I started taking Perfect C

AFTER Pic taken Feb 2008 Increased from 32b to 32c

Carla after taking Perfect C for over 5 months