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Naturally formulated supplement for breast enlargement without the health risks of surgery.

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Natural Boob Job for
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Perfect C

The greatest thing about Perfect C:-

The greatest thing about Perfect C is that the new tissue will not diminish even when you have stopped taking the capsules, meaning the results will last!

The benefits of Perfect C include:-
  • An increase of up to three cup sizes without invasive surgery
  • Healthy, permanent results
  • No negative side effects
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Fuller lips, stronger hair and nail growth
  • Many women also report an increase in sexual desire
Perfect C is Natural yet effective

With a growing awareness regarding the risks associated with breast augmentation (the rupture rate is currently around 10%), more women than ever are seeking natural yet effective ways.

Completely safe Perfect C

Perfect C is completely safe with no negative side effects. There have been no adverse side effects reported to date, As associated with similar products in the market, reports of acne outbreaks or weight gain have never been reported

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Stephen Mack

CEO of Perfect Look & Health Ltd

When I first heard about the concept of ladies taking capsules to increase and firm their breasts. You can imagine my reaction, being the sceptic I am. I thought nah no way.

“But when I researched and found out the ingredients we were going to use were totally natural and no known side effects I decided to persuade my wife and a few of her friends/customers to try the product and when I literally saw the results – I remember my wife and 3 of four ladies all achieved great results .. that was it – I was convinced.

However, I do strongly believe that results cannot be guaranteed, and no lady should go on the product if they can afford to take the risk that it might not work for them and be prepared to stay on for 6 months.

We as a company want the ladies to get great results as we need the PR stories as most people are sceptical, just like my wife and I were.”

“The marketing side, and the promotional side really did excite me as I realized after talking to so many of my friends. That many women, just don’t want to go under the knife. They want to be able to enhance and enlarge themselves but without the fear and the expense, of surgery.

I think for a lot of ladies that feel that way it has got to be a tremendous alternative. Bearing in mind its not a great expense in relation to the costs of having surgery and the potential side effects.

We cannot guarantee the results of Perfect C as it does not work for all – but I hope it works for you and I look forward to hearing of your success”

“We really do feel strongly that there is an alternative to going under the knife. And yet it may be great to have surgery but I’m sure that in many cases people are doing it for the wrong reason. And if perfect C can help you. Well I’ll be really happy for you.” Stephen Mack CEO

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So how does Perfect C work?

A woman’s breast contains oestrogen receptor sites that stimulate the development of the mammary gland. Perfect C combines an exotic mix of carefully selected rare botanicals that naturally contain oestrogenic properties. When consumed, these properties stimulate the oestrogen receptor sites that are contained in a woman’s breast, which in turn encourage the growth of healthy new breast tissue while firming and tightening the entire breast. The product contains no synthetic compounds, artificial additives or fillers. The capsules themselves do not contain oestrogen’s or hormones but encourage the natural activity of hormonal production, which may stimulate the development of new breast tissue, safely. The capsules also may assist to calm hormonal swings and reduce monthly menstrual discomfort.

Perfect C for a Natural Boob Job

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What Real People are Saying

A small sample of Testimonials from the many satisfied Perfect C clients

A copy of all full testimonials are held on file

“I have now completed my first 3 month course of Perfect C and can definitely say I am seeing and feeling results. I went online and came across the Perfect C, after reading all the positive reviews and seeing the photos of women on their successful journeys, I had to have them. I can honestly say they are working, they’re firmer, fuller and look a lot better in a bra. I can’t wait for the next supply to arrive so I can start my 4th month and continue my journey, This time drinking 2 litres of water a day!”

Yasmin B
Age 27
“I have taken Perfect C for 3 months now and I’m loving them. I take 3 a day and drink lots of water. They’ve made my breasts feel heavier, rounder, fuller and more lifted. I went from not filling a C cup to over filling it, I feel much happier with them. Also more sensitive and responsive. I’m looking forward to taking the capsules for a further 3 months to see what happens. Thoroughly recommend the Perfect C.”

Sarah M
“I would totally recommend Perfect C herbal tablets to increase size and firmness of your breasts as an alternative to surgery without a doubt. By month 4 I was up to almost a cup size larger (back to my Pre baby size) from 34B to 34C. I took them for 9 months also noticing amazing hair growth enabling me to grow my hair longer than I ever have before. Also my lips are a little fuller too and also my nails grew. They have given me the confidence back I so needed and feel me again.”

Caroline G
Age 40
“I just wanted to say I love your product and wish i had known about your product and I hadn’t gone under the knife 15 years ago to have breast implants. Two years ago, after falling ill with BII (Breast Implant Illness) I had them removed which left me with less than I had before implants which was 32A, I was devastated. I’ve been taking it a year now and can say I now have breasts. I’m 32B :-)))))) thank you so much.”

Sharon M

NO Surgery Required

No need to go under the knife with expensive surgery

Start Smaller

Whatever size you start with is not what you are stuck with

Finish Bigger*

Increase naturally by up to 3 cup sizes using Perfect C

Important !

It is important to mention that the Perfect C capsules do not themselves contain oestrogens or hormones but promote the natural activity of hormonal production. Because they replace excess oestrogen in the system, they also calm hormonal swings and dramatically reduce monthly pre-menstrual discomfort – another huge benefit of this product. In addition, many women report accelerated hair and nail growth as well as increased libido.