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Claire -Devon

Claire -Devon ::

Happy Days

Carla after taking Perfect C for over 5 months

Perfect C -  Testimonial -  Carla


"After just over 5 months the results were great and as you can see and i'm more than happy and would recommend Perfect C to any lady to try ''

BEFORE - Picture taken Oct 2007 before I started taking Perfect C

AFTER - Pictures taken Feb 2008 Increased from 32b to 32c"

Carla - from the Midlands - UK

Joyce, Age 35, Hong Kong

"My bustline increased by 4cm (1.6 inches) and I can feel the firmness these days."

jiang- Hong  Kong


"During the first month of taking Perfect C breast enhancer capsules, I noticed my sleep quality improved. In the second month, I can feel the firmness and have to switch from B-cup to C-cup bra to adjust for the growing bust line. That feeling brings me back to teenage when my bust first develops. Now I feel more confident in wearing low-collared and fashioned clothes."


What can Perfect C Breast Enhancer do for you ?

Ask Jaqui a 46yr old mother from Scotland – after only a few months she noticed the difference and hopes to see even more benefit over the next few months.

Jaqui committed herself to a 6 month course of Perfect C





"Dear Steve Absolutely thrilled, couldn't be happier! Now everyone can't stop staring, and one friend who I hadn't seen for a while even asked if I had a boob job!

Best Regards, Kate

Lady from North East England

"Dear Steve

This is the third month of taking the breast enhancer pills and here are the results.

As you can see I have max my breasts out to the full shape and size. I would recommend them to anyone who was wanting a more fuller shape and size but didn't want to have a breast enhancement operation. You definitely see the results in one to two months and they are safe to use. I will be ordering more."

Sara McRea the ex Miss Scotland and owner of Sara Promotions

Sarah MacRea

Sarah Macrae, 39, runs a modelling and PR agency and lives in the Scottish Highlands.

"I've always taken pride in my appearance and I've actually been modelling since the age of 15 - I was spotted by a local newspaper so looking good was important to me from early on in life.

My philosophy is simple - you don't need to have cosmetic surgery to look good. I believe in trying to do things naturally.

The idea of having a poison injected into my face or surgery fills me with horror.

I take a herbal supplement called Perfect C, which contains a blend of botanicals with natural oestrogenic properties to stimulate breast tissue growth. Apparently, Jennifer Annison is a fan, too."

Southern England - Results from 4 month course of Perfect C

Results Perfect C









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